The SLWA exhibition at Bankside Gallery starts with the Private View on Wednesday night 6-9pm - See you there!

 The exhibition is open this Thursday (April 29th) through to this coming Monday (May 3rd) from 11 - 6 every day, admission FREE.

It’s still freezing outside on a dark March night but not so in the Dulwich Library! Here is a group of pro-active women artists who have collected under the umbrella of the SLWA whose work is on show until 27th March and this is the private view. This was my second opportunity to show work in and attend the Library exhibition, and I wasn’t as nervous as the first time because I’m slowly getting to know people, and it was with a similar sense of warmth that the evening progressed.

The library began to fill up with a great mix of people, men (!) and women, young and old, the atmosphere was one of congeniality and in conversation with a randomly selected audience there was an across the board consensus as to the successful curation of the work. Pippa Graber of Art Dog knows her stuff, and there is a quirkiness to the show in the element of discovery, at one point in the evening likened to a treasure hunt, as people made their way around the bookshelves (I saw a fair amount of books being perused!) searching the ends of the bookcases for what might come next, and then searching a little more because something might have been missed.


There were enticing platters of finger food served throughout the evening and as far as I was aware wine aplenty, just to add to the warmth. And what of the work on show? There are paintings in a range of styles and genres, prints, sculptures, photographs and drawings ranging, with a price range from around £100 up to £1,500. It was an evening of opportunity, to meet old friends, new faces and underpinned, for both the women artists involved and the professional status sought by the SLWA, the continuation of professional practice, as artists, as networkers, as multifaceted creative dynamic individuals who know the value of cooperation.

Jenny Sweeney, who, with Leonie Cronin established the SLWA in 2008, said at one point in the evening to the gathered audience, that the SLWA is a community of artists, and a show like this could not happen without elements of that community bringing into play their other professional skills. If you have the time, pop along, take advantage of the early years of the SLWA, this is a serious group of women artists, opportunities like this pass quickly, and as the tag line goes, discover, decide and buy!


We're in two venues so... ah well, we'll just have to have two private view celebrations... Do come to one or both!
Wednesday 3rd March 8pm-10pm Dulwich Library, 368 Lordship Lane
Tuesday 9th March 10am Pavilion Cafe in Dulwich Park (then join us as we walk on to Dulwich Library to view the other part of the exhibition)

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