It's in the bag! SLWA
perform #APublicAiring

with a project investigating the negative effect of sexism in our every day lives. Commencing September 2013, with a series of performances leading up to and during Parliament Week 15-21 November from Peckham to Westminster, Broadgate to Speakers Corner, schools in Southwark to the Southbank.
About the project - a very large bag that has played a substantial role in the democratic life of the country, hangs on the back of the Speaker’s Chair in the House of Commons - the Petitions Bag. Historically, if you wanted to ask the House of Commons to take action on a specific issue, you would give your written appeal to an MP, who would put your request in to the Petitions Bag, so that it could be presented to the House. Hopefully, the petition would be read out, recorded and actioned, hence the expressionIt’s in the bag!’

The personal is political - @theWHYfront has made a replica of the Petitions Bag and will be out and about in schools, shopping centres and key public places collecting your written petitions. All petitions will be treated anonymously. We want to know about your personal experiences of sexism. We want to find out How have you been affected by sexism? ... and Because of this my petition is ...
A Public airing - a broad survey of the most poignant responses will be printed on to our symbolic laundry which will be aired in public as part of our artistic performances in November. Your experiences and petitions will also be exhibited at Hide Gallery, Leathermarket during Parliament Week and next year at the Women of The World Festival at the Southbank Centre on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2014.  

Using humour as a means for connection and change - SLWA give the historical domestic task of washing a new spin. As wash days were traditionally Mondays our performances will be on Mondays too. Set to music inspired by English Folk dance, we will peg out our laundry and publicly air your experiences of sexism, drawing attention to the changes you want to see. At the end of each performance the laundry lines will be rolled up into scrolls, representative of Parliamentary Acts. Each scroll will be unfurled and exhibited at Hide Gallery Bermondsey during Parliament Week.

SLWA will be #WHYbombing in the weeks before and during Parliament Week. Recalling the suffragette activities, your experiences and petitions will be printed on our symbolic underwear that functions like bunting tied to railings at key locations around London. 

 could first vote in general elections in 1918
· AT THE ROYAL ACADEMY OF ART it wasn’t until 1893 that female artists could draw the male nude, although the model's loins were covered so not to offend their ‘delicate sensibilities’
· EMILY WILDING DAVISON spent the night in a broom cupboard in Parliament so that her address on the night of the 1911 census would be the Palace of Westminster giving her the equal right (to men) to vote
· ART FOR VOTE'S SAKE was Suffrage artist Edith Hinchley's call to action. She said '... the difficulties placed in women's professional path make them feminists. Equal citizenship is a starting point to redressing the degradation of inferior status'
· 40 YEARS AGO on 8 March 1971 on the first International Women's Day, the Women's Liberation marched in London to Parliament and presented the then Prime Minister, Edward Heath, with a set of demands for equality
· #theWHYfront is a discursive and playful group of female artists looking back and facing forward


*Look out for the polling stations and Petitions Bag *Write your experience of sexism and make your petition *Look out for the #WHYbombs at railings near you *Join in *Make your own Whybombs

Polling Station dates & school visits: 30 September-20 October 2013
Performance dates: 11, 14, 18 November 2013
Exhibitions dates: 14-21 November 2013
#WHYbombing: 4-21 November 2013

All enquiries please contact Laura Moreton-Griffiths This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Twitter @SLWArtists / @theWHYfront
@parliament_week is a community of women artists based in South London, who present a portfolio online and through exhibitions, workshops and events
SLWA’s 5 key principles are:

* Promoting
* Nurturing
* Community
* Professional Development
* Networking


swimming against the tide

HIDE GALLERY LEATHERMARKET is proud to present Swimming Against the Tide, an exhibition of work by members of South London Women Artists (SLWA).

Previewing on Friday Sept 27th from 6:30 - 9:00 pm, to coincide with South London Art Map Last Fridays, with a second Private View on Thursday Oct 3rd 6:00 - 9:00 pm as part of Art Licks Weekend. The exhibition continues until Oct 20th.


Swimming Against the Tide is the inaugural exhibition for Hide Gallery Leathermarket, a new gallery in Bermondsey, south east London. Curated by Liz Charsley-Jory, director of Hide Gallery and a SLWA member, the exhibition comprises a selection of works by 35 members of SLWA. The artists responded to the theme according to their practice, producing paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures that allude to the shifting watery Thames riverscape, the mythology surrounding it, and to its historic inhabitants, the Winchester Geese.

The contributing artists are Marcia Bennett-Male, Sue Blandford, Kate Bowe, Jackie Brown, Melissa Budasz, Ilinca Cantacuzino, Bula Chakravarty Agbo, Liz Charsley-Jory, Irene Currie, Liz Dickson, Robina Doxi, Pat Drew, Lucy Duke, Edori Fertig, Dana Finch, Chantal Gillingham, Mary Gordon-Smith, Camilla Gray, Jane Higginbottom, Moira Jarvis, Marion Jones, Wenchi Lucas, Paola Minekov, Laura Moreton-Griffiths, Gil Mutch, Marnie Pitts, Pia Randall-Goddard, Chrissy Silver, Sonia Stanyard, Chrissy Thirlaway, Kim Thornton, Eithne Twomey, Caroline Underwood, Olivia Urquhart.

Hide Gallery Leathermarket is a 2 minute walk away from Bermondsey Street’s shops and restaurants and White Cube Gallery, offers for hire 1600 sq ft over 2 floors, with the benefit of natural light streaming in through large factory windows. The exhibition spaces can be booked together or separately, for exhibitions, workshops, talks, classes, or events.








An exhibition by




 Curated by

Jackie Brown, Pat Keay and Pia Randall-Goddard


Piecework: work paid for according to the amount produced, and not at an hourly rate. Often associated with families working from home whilst raising children.





 159 Bethnal Green Road London E2 7DG


19th - 24th September 2013


Open daily 1-7pm

Tuesday 1-5pm

Private View: Thursday 19th September  6-9pm


South London Women Artists are pleased to be showcasing 22 of their artists at Espacio Gallery. Situated in the heart of the East End, an area of London rich in the history of the rag trade, this is a perfect location for an exhibition which explores the connection between piecework and feminist art practices. Selected as Parliament Week Partners for 2013, Piecework will run alongside other SLWA projects created for Parliament Week, the theme of which this year is Women and Democracy.


Evidence of piecework fills our lives, from the clothes we wear, to the jobs we take, or the repetitive stuff of domestic life we have to do every day to keep the world going around. The work, in a variety of media - film, sculpture, drawing, painting, printmaking and textiles, is a personal response to that experience.

Details of Piecework, and other exhibitions by SLWA for Parliament Week can be found on the website.

For sale in advance of the show, a beautiful catalogue, designed and made by SLWA members.  A limited edition book of 70 copies.

Follow us on Twitter @SLWArtists and Facebook











Image Mama Lan




Brixton Village Art Trail, Brixton Village

15 June to 1 September 2013


 Curated by Eithne Twomey and Melissa Budasz


This is the sixth group exhibition on the Brixton Village Art Trail and brings exciting contemporary art to the heart of Brixton. The Art Trail, which was first launched on 1st October 2011  has become a permanent fixture at Brixton Village indoor market (now extended to Market Row) and has helped to transform this vibrant collection of boutiques and vintage shops, eclectic new restaurants, cafes and designer fashion outlets.


14 South London Women Artists are exhibiting their works in 14 of the Village’s units. The Art Trail, the first of its kind in Lambeth, is the brainchild of local resident and artist Margaret Atkinson, who was inspired by the recent rejuvenation of Brixton Village.


Curators Melissa Budasz & Eithne Twomey have installed and hung a selection of 2D, relief and 3D artworks that will be updated and replaced by new works on a regular basis over the two and half month period the Art-Trail is on.



* Four of the artists will be showing more of their work 11-17 July in a small show at Studio 73 Gallery *






CatherineHollens-CoverUps - Collage-30x30cm

Catherine Hollens explores the line between the conscious and the unconscious; the spoken and unspoken. Inspired by dreams, music and whatever happens to be lurking in her psyche at the time. She paints predominantly in acrylic on canvas but also uses mirrors, photography and collage in her work. 




Lino Memories 5 - Copy

 Eithne Twomey’s work is concerned with the landscapes and memory of the place she grew up. She uses both imagery from family photo albums and up to date photos which are then processed through drawing, print, photocopies, and collages to make new assemblages and paintings. These, together with a longing to be in that landscape give a strong sense of place.



Jackie Brown Chestnut hr 441x800Jackie Brown graduated with a Degree in Fine Art from Preston Polytechnic in 1979. Since this time she has exhibited regularly in the U.K and America and has undertaken Public Sculpture Commissions. Her work references the connection between the domestic Interior and the natural world. Using natural materials she explores processes such as stacking, dusting and ordering, processes that are manufactured in the home but also found in the landscape.




Jennie M - 60x50 cm-cowgirl - 400Jennie Merrell uses images of women from the 1950's to explore the stereotypes that form the aspirations of young girls, from cowgirls to ballerinas and beauty queens.  Her practice includes painting and printmaking.



Karin D - 20x30cm-BreastfeedingKarin Dahlbacka’s work is seeking beauty in lines, shapes textures and stories. Patterns form and shape abstract maps or characters. Childish obsession with doodles and animals colours the paper. Letting her intuition lead in search for a good story.




Flockton Street A4 or A3 Pigment Print 100 LMG

Laura Moreton-Griffiths’ paintings and drawings are a wry convergence of social and magical realism. Backwards and into the future and existing out of time, her characters inhabit in a dysfunctional and melancholy world. Disguised within the familiar and whimsical, Laura’s themes are quietly subversive and are about the underbelly of Englishness.




Lucy Soni--Brixton-Col-7-web 800x564Lucy Soni Themes that occur in her work are nostalgia, control versus chaos, and the urge to mark make and play. Her source material for the last decade has been the ephemera of daily life, in particular her own domestic life and predominately her children's drawings and scribbles. She is interested in conserving the throwaway and forgotten, elevating them to new forms.


ATTACK-DOGMarcia Bennett Male In her Stone carvings, Marcia incorporates her Anglo/Jamaican sensibilities and aspires for a mix of contemporary subject matter with the classical medium of stone and its execution, using scrap and recycled stone from buildings and skips. In her Textiles, she works quickly and spontaneously and with what she has to hand, and in colour, lots of colour, with little concern for what is tasteful or what tones go together.



Swing The Line- Marion Jones- 77x77cms 800x800

 Marion Jones has exhibited in a wide range of venues and has pictures in a number of private collections. She is interested in the layering and texture of surfaces; panels which appear raised or embossed on a surface, or by contrast, “trapdoors” to lower layers. She often paints on un-primed canvas and the contrast between washed–out and vivid colour is a constant preoccupation. Shortlisted for the West London FACK Art Prize June 2013.



mpitts 4Marnie Pitts work in this exhibition is from her “While we are asleep” series.  She explores what happens around us when we close our eyes and stop paying attention to our environment and what happens when we switch off, a dreamy reminder of the way we live our lives.



MGS-Please-6.5in high-120 600x800Mary Gordon-Smith After leaving art school in 1972, Mary thought that she hadn't the nerve to be an artist, let alone a hammer and saw wielding sculptor, without first learning something about the real world. Where are the subjects to come from when you are 19 and know nothing and urgently need to earn a living? So for 35 years she worked and travelled, had a family, watched, drew, learned, and she is now making a start.



MelissaBudasz- 40x40cm-Myth of Danae study 42 795x800Melissa Budasz exhibits and curates extensively. Her on-going concerns are the connections made between comparative myths and how this visual translation and exchange into abstraction; in essence the storytelling, is made. Photography, drawing and painting are the main mediums used to detail the relationship between acquired knowledge and its auto-biographical and pictorial significance.



REDCABBAGE 628x800Nicola Tremain paints mainly in oils, sometimes mixing in other media. She used to be a scientist looking down microscopes at cell structures is perhaps the origin of a lot of her work, which explores the regularities of patterns in organic subjects. Yet this figurative work tends to evolve in ways which are not planned. More recent paintings generate a timeless feel to urban landscapes and portraiture - a process that involves discipline and planning to create a sense of scale and depth.




kode 26x35cm 195 Paola MinekovPaola Minekov’s paintings from the Undercurrents Series have been described as “angular, yet fluid in form and deeply psychological” (Claudia Moscovici, art critic). Paola’s work explores the lack of communication between lovers and how this leads to power-play, manipulation and pain. She is interested in the roles people then assume, their intricate psychological reactions to each other and to their troubled relationships. A cold monochrome tonality depicts silence and the resulting emotional distance between two contrasting, disintegrating figures. 




Brixton Village is off Coldharbour Lane SW9 8PS


Best times for viewing whole trail is Thu-Fri-Sat 12.30 to 5.30pm  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


text for information 07941987133 or 07817895144





* Eithne Twomey   Marion Jones    Melissa Budasz    Paola Minekov * 


 1 Awakening 45x34cm 2010 - Copy Swing The Line- Marion Jones- 77x77cms 800x800 Adrift - Myth of Danae Series 800x553 paola-minekov-the-outsider


73 Brixton Village 

 73 Brixton Village Coldharbour Lane/Atlantic Road London SW9 8PS


 Private View Friday 12th July 2013 6.30 pm onwards


 Open 11-17 July 2013 Tuesday-Saturday 10.30 am to 5.30 pm







For further information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



 Written by Melissa Budasz, June 2013



South London Women Artists are proud to invite you to celebrate International Women’s Day at 47/49 Tanner St. 
We present a collaborative interpretation of Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party to honour 1038 women of importance to us.
Join us for an evening viewing and drinks on Saturday 16 March 5 – 8pm.
15,16 & 17 March 2013 - 11am till 6pm
 Judy Chicago’s ‘The Dinner Party’ 1979 brings to attention a female perspective of history. Chicago’s vision was to provide a visual inspiration to women’s achievement. 
‘The truth is that for centuries women have struggled to be heard, writing books, making art and music and challenging the many restrictions on women's lives.
 But their achievements have been repeatedly written out of history’* 
Inspired by Chicago's seminal art work the South London Women Artists host I’m Inside, Ring The Bell in tribute to Judy Chicago’s aim. Bringing together our members creatively we draw attention to the women who mentor, influence and shape our creative practices and lives.  It is the perfect setting for SLWA to reflect upon our influences and roles as artists for 2013’s International Women’s Day.

39 artists have been invited to each choose a woman who has a personal resonance for them and to bring them to the table. Like the original, our installation honours women’s historical, mythical, scientific, and creative achievements in numerous media including paint, photography, ceramics, china painting and needlework. Each artist has individually created their place at the table to describe the woman they chose and has also contributed to collating 999 names for our ‘Heritage Floor’.   

The macho art world has ignored the contribution of women’* - Many of the motivations behind Judy Chicago’s ‘The Dinner Party’ are still active today; women make up the higher percentage of art school graduates but get the lower percentage of gallery exposure and art market prices. Often artists struggle to find the balance between creating, caring and earning, while their art careers depends upon networking, marketing and exposure. So we use our SLWA women’s collective community to provide a support network for exhibiting together, learning from one another and providing artistic opportunities.  

We thank Judy Chicago for her inspiration, resilience and energy, and 'The Dinner Party' for providing a curatorial framework that has allowed us to devise and create this exhibition. We hope the South London Women Artists' choice of guests will provide you with food for thought, to entertain, emulate or empathise with and bring a new audience to Chicago’s original piece and it’s guests.


I’m Inside, Ring The Bell refers to an inside presence always there, always available. 


For more information please visit: or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The contributing South London Women Artists are: 
Anne Lynch, Beata Kozlowska, Bula Agbo, Caroline Underwood, Carol Misch, Carole Murphy, Chrissy Thirlaway, Edori Fertig, Gin Dunscombe, Ilinca Cantacuzino, Izzi Ramsey, Jane Higginbottom, 
Joan Eytle Kendall, Julie Bennett, Jackie Brown, Jennie Merrell, Karin Dahlbacka, Kate Bowe, Kim Thornton, Kate Redfern, Laura Moreton-Griffiths, Leonie Cronin, Liz Charsley-Jory, Lucy Bainbridge, Lucy Soni, Lucy Duke, 
Lesley O'Mara, Marcia Bennett Male, Marnie Pitts, Melissa Budasz, Moira Jarvis, Pat Cove, Pia Randall-Goddard, Paola Minekov, Robina Doxi, Paula Stevens-Hoare, Susan Wood and Virrgo       
* References from The Brooklyn Musuem and
‘The Dinner Party’ is on permanent display in the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, Brooklyn Museum.
Join us for a special evening viewing and drinks on Saturday 16 March 5–8pm.
The exhibition is part of the weekend festival of events programmed specially for International Women’s Day weekend at 47/49 Tanner Street, London, SE1 3PL
For further details:
3 DAY SLWA EXHIBITION Fri 15, Sat 16, Sun 17 March 11am till 6pm
'I’m Inside, Ring The Bell'
(Free admission)
New collaborative work celebrating women of importance, and a contemporary interpretation of Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party.
* * * * * * *
FRIDAY (COMEDY NIGHT) 15 March 2013 Doors 7.30pm,
 Start time 8.30pm 

'Women Laughing With Salad' 
Five rising comedians for only £10. Book Online:
(All proceeds go to Rape Crisis South London).

A ridiculously interesting bunch of comics get together for this exclusive, one-off gig at the 47/49 warehouse.
Featuring Cariad Lloyd, Dana Alexander, Ariadne the Greek WAG, musical comedy duo That Pair…oh, and a token male, Jamie Demetriou. 
‘A gift from the comedy gods’ (4 stars) The Herald on Dana Alexander

‘Character comedy at its best’ (5 stars) EdFest Magazine on Cariad Lloyd

‘Like being beaten up with a stick of funny’ (4 stars) Broadway Baby on Jamie Demetriou

‘More entertaining than 1000 issues of Heat magazine’ (4 stars) Metro on Alyssa Kyria

‘Sheer delight and as smooth as ten denier tights’ (5 stars) Broadway Baby on That Pair
* * * * * * *
 Doors open at 7pm.
'The Alchemy Of The Purple Ladies'
Tickets: £8 adults / £5 concessions and purple outfits

A multidisciplinary arts event from the Purple Ladies Collective, bringing together physical and visual performances and an interactive live installation.