• Artist Resume

  • Artist Statement
    My work is about change in the environment and examining this through the process of making art. I am also interested in place and time, specifically making work in relation to a particular site. I am currently fascinated by trees and the time span of their lives in relation to our human history and am also investigating the heritage of gardening in South London, the plant collectors and gardeners that lived here. I made a collection of work for an exhibition at Bell House, Dulwich in 2017.

    The works Swamp Cypress and Yew Bell House were made by drawing a cross section of these trees in the driveway of Bell House, at about waist height from the ground. I then made the works by imagining the interior of the trees and using papier-mache and seeds and needles collected from around the trees. In Yew I was also referencing the Yew seed in the centre of the tree as the point from which the tree had grown.

    In the project Burgess Park/Arebyte I am using my journey through the park to my studio as a collecting point for materials and ideas based on the seasonal plants in the park as they change throughout the year. I am making sculpture and paper from plants, natural dyes and photographs to create a library of information to lead to future work.
  • Current and Future Exhibitions
    Strong and Stable - an SWLA project at Asylum Road Peckham - November 2018
  • Group Exhibitions
    2018 Pillow Talk - A South London Women Artist collaboration at Tate Late.
    2017 Picture This - an exhibition of works on paper, Bell House, Dulwich.
    Blink Peckham - Pop up exhibition, Market Peckham.
    Art Hound Gallery - work selected for Art Hound Gallery, near Cambridge.
    2016 Chelsea Salon - work chosen for Orbit Paris
    Pillow Talk - a travelling SLWA project
    2015 Deptford X fringe, St Nicholas Church, Deptford.
    What is Urban?, Brixton East Gallery, London.
    2014 The Disorder of Things, Artworks Elephant and Castle.
    Finders Keepers Losers Weepers, Conway Hall, London.
    Deptford X fringe, St Nicholas Church, Deptford.
    Dulwich Festival 2014
    Chelsea Salon, Cons project Space Peckham

    2013 MA final show, Chelsea college, Millbank. Espacio Gallery, Piecework.
    Our House Gallery, Coumbia Road - The Last Rasp
    Interim Show - Chelsea College
    Dulwich Festival 2013
    SLWA - I’m Inside Ring The Bell (recreation of Judy Chicago dinner party) - Tanner Street London
    2012 Morgue - Chelsea college - group exhibition
    Cookhouse - Chelsea college - group exhibition
    Beaconsfield Gallery - Bend Over Shirley - pop up exhibition with Camberwell MA
    Hannah Barry Gallery, Peckham - pop up exhibition with Camberwell MA
    Dulwich Festival

    2011 Dulwich Festival
    Exchange Project with Queensland College of Art, Grifftith University, Brisbane.
    2010 Dulwich Festival
    Bankside - South London Women Artists exhibition
    330 studios, South London - open studios
    Dulwich Library - SLWA exhibition
    2009 Nature in Pieces - South London Mosaic Artists exhibition
    Dartmouth Arms - painting exhibition -Pippa Graber as part of Sydenham Festival.
    Dulwich Festival.
    Landscape and Art Network, Alan Baxter and Associates, Farringdon, London.
    2008 South London Women Artists - Launch at Dulwich Picture Gallery
    Art Dog second show with.
    Pippa Graber, Art Dog as part of Dulwich festival.
    2007 Jenny Granger Gallery, Whitstable
    Jeannie Avent Gallery, Northcross Road, Dulwich.
    Morley Gallery, Air exhibition as part of Artybird course.
    330 studios, South London - open studios
    Pippa Graber, Art DogTwo person show as part of Dulwich festival.
    2006 Jeannie Avent Gallery, Northcross Road, Dulwich. One person show.
    2005 The Discerning Eye – Mall Galleries, London. Sculpture chosen by Sir Jonathan Miller and sold to a member of the ING group.
    Open studios – St. James studios, South London.
    Jill in the Green - The Whiterock theatre, Hastings.
    Is Drawing Boring - St. Mary in the Castle, Hastings.
    (Have removed events before 2005)
  • Education
    Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 2015
    PG Certificate in Art and Design UAL 2015
    MA Fine Art - Camberwell College of Art 2013
    BA hons Fine Art - Painting, Camberwell College of Art 1987