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  • Artist Resume

  • Artist Statement
    I am a sculptor using natural materials to explore the relationship between the domestic interior and the natural world.
    A city dweller, responding to a collective memory of a time when there was a more direct collaboration between human settlement and the immediate natural surroundings, I walk out, to gather leaves and bark that have fallen to the park or wood floor. Cutting, sticking, sewing, stacking and piling, these harvests are fashioned into familiar everyday artefacts.
    Piles of bark and leaves balance, layer upon layer, like the towers of linens, ordered into the airing cupboard, waiting to live out their history.
    A tender leaf is cut and stitched into a coat, a symbol of nurture and protection. This leaf, a vegetative organ, whose function is to transform sunlight into glucose is very evocative to humans. The very language of it's parts is familiar, cuticle, vein, epidermis, there is a connection.
    As well as walking out to harvest materials, I harvest materials from inside and from humans themselves. I have used human hair as a material to stitch, weave and mould. I want to form a strong connection between the materials of the natural and the material of ourselves. I want them to work alongside to create their own mythology.
    It is possible a material harvested already has it's own story. A root dug up from the ground after a tree was felled to make way for heavy vehicles during the second world war, pointed and threatening, can not be turned into a familiar domestic object. It is about something bigger, a story not about the rift between humanity and nature but the wanton destruction of nature by humanity. It threatens my domestic story.
  • Solo Exhibitions
    2016- Jackie Brown at I.D Gallery, Harris Girls Academy London

    2004 The Airing Cupboard Project. Branchville Gallery. Connecticut U.S.A

    1977 L.Y.C Gallery, Banks, Cumbria.
  • Group Exhibitions
    2018 Strong and Stable Asylum Chapel London
    2018 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
    2018 Mum before me Jeanie Avent Gallery, London
    2018 Dreaming Awake Dulwich Festival
    2018 Pillow Talk Uniqlo Tate Lates
    2017 Blink Bussey Building Peckham
    2016 Olympic Dreams Maverick projects
    2016 Pillow Talk BBC London headquarters
    2016 Pillow Talk TedEx at UCL University London
    2015 TEN a showcase of 10 SLWA artists at Gerald Moore Gallery, London

    2015 What is Urban? Brixton East, London
    2014/2015 Finders Keepers Losers Weepers-Archaeology of Mind and Memory, Conway Hall, London
    2014 Summer Abstractions , Espacio Gallery, London
    2014 Summer Abstractions, Espacio Gallery, London
    2014 Colourswatch, Espacio gallery, London, Group show
    2014 #A public airing performance at WOW festival, South Bank, London
    2013 Buddleia, Creekside café Gallery, London with Moira Jarvis
    2013 #A public airing, performance at Peckham Space, London
    2013 #It's in the Bag! #A public airing project on women and democracy with educational workshops, pop-up road shows, performances and an exhibition at Hide Gallery, London
    2013 Brixton Art Trail, Brixton Village, London
    2013 From the Archive. Hide Gallery, London
    2013 Piecework Espacio Gallery London
    2013 Swimming Against The Tide, Hide gallery, London
    2013 The View From Here, Espacio gallery. London
    2013 Tender, Stephen Lawrence Centre, London
    2012/2013 The Empereror's New Clothes, Portico Gallery, London
    2012 Aggregates, Espacio gallery, London
    2012 Snap, Bankside gallery, London.
    2011 Hair, Portico gallery, London
    2011 Glimpsed, House gallery, London
    2010 Bankside gallery, London
    2009 00 Nature, Contemporary art projects,London
    2009 Prints and Drawings,Branchville Gallery,
    Ridgefield C.T.U.S.A
    2008 The 14 Show Branchville gallery, Ridgefield.CT. U.S.

    Previous Exhibitions include:
    The Yorkshire Sculpture Park;
    The LYC Gallery, Banks, Cumbria
    Waltham Cross Museum Gallery, Essex;
    Harris Museum, Preston, Lancashire;
    The Morley Gallery, London
  • Awards
    2014 Fourth Plinth Schools Award
    2015 Fourth Plinth Schools Award
    2017 Fourth Plinth Schools Award
    Eastern Arts Award 1996
    North East Arts Award 1997
  • Collections
    Public Sculpture Commissions:

    “Over 100” – The Beech Tree Project – Cherry Hinton Hall, Cambridge, January 1991

    Joint Commission by the Eastern Arts Association and Cambridge County Council

    This commission facilitated open access to members of the public to work on the beech tree as part of the Music, Arts, Dance and Drama Youth Arts Festival.

    Commission for Waverly Borough Council at Frensham Common, Surrey, July 1998

    Public sculpture working in conjunction with the Wildlife Trust using materials indigenous to Frensham Common

    Public Art Commission for Eastbourne Borough Council, the British Heart Foundation, the Countryside Agency and the University of Brighton. Completed November 2000

    Commission to produce an interactive sculpture to be sited on Eastbourne seafront in collaboration with the Eastbourne Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre.


    Eastern Arts Association
    Kent library Art Collection
    Collection of Dr. Dougan and Ms. O'Leary
  • Publications
    Strong and Stable DOV November issue 2018

    Finders Keepers Losers Weepers. AD magazine Autumn edition 14 - 2015

    ArtVerve edition 3 - 2015

    Sculpture in the South East Of England 2013 Public sculpture series. published by public monuments and sculpture association
    Women Artists Slide Library Diary 1999
    Art Monthly International Sculpture Symposium Review 1979
  • Education
    Foundation in Art and Design
    Southend College of Technology 1974-1976

    BA (hons) in Fine Art. Preston Polytechnic. 1976-1979