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  • Artist Statement
    I am an Artists originally from Tokyo, now living and working in London, exhibiting internationally. While my subject and my projects are anything but domestic scale, my works literally comes out of my kitchen and bathroom in our terraced house in South East London. It is imperative that there is no hierarchy between my professional work as an artist and my life as a mother, in contrast to the assumption that in order to have effective production of the art one must have a large factory like space to do it. But I would like to challenge the notion of ‘effectiveness’, as we have come to the point of crisis on all fronts, including climate change, rapidly shifting political landscape and the uncertainty of the future of financial market, which have been pursued based on the “effectiveness”.
    The images seen in my work are etched by fire, not by a pigment sitting on a surface. A technique normally associated with secret correspondence used in the past, called “aburi-dashi” in Japanese. Invisible Ink made with lemon juice is used to render images, slightly altering the delicate balance of paper, once exposed to the heat images are burnt into paper as an integral part of its structure. The resulting image contains a level of fragility and notion of death within it by nature.
    The importance of the notion of ephemeral has been acutely felt through the 2011 Fukushima Nuclear disaster which was triggered by earthquake and tsunami. It has highlighted a environmental landscape on the blink of a catastrophic paradigm change, and the fragility of our existence on this planet.
  • Solo Exhibitions
    Homma Meridian at Street Road Project Space, USA, 2014 A38, Drawing Room Hungary, Budapest, 2011
    Le Pave d' Orsay, Paris, 2008
    The Media Centre, London, 2003
    Aughinbaugh Art Gallery, Pennsylvania, 2001, USA
    Kingsgate gallery, London, 1998
    Daiwa Foundation, London/Galerie Humanite Tokyo/Gallery Persona, Osaka/ Margare Harveygallery,St. Albans/Galerie Humanite Tokyo,1994
    Hales Gallery, London,1992
    Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham,1991
    Todd Gallery, London, 1989
    Suikato Gallery, Tokyo, 1987
    German Cultural Centre, Tokyo,1986
    Transform Gallery, Tokyo,1985
  • Group Exhibitions
    " Back Force" Street Road Project Space, 17
    “On Forgetting” By Other Means, London, 16
    “Borders” Core, London.16
    Those Who Goes East”, White Conduit Project, London, 15
    “Saling Stone” Street Road Artists Space, USA, March-Oct.15
    “Hundreds and Thousands” Lubomirov Angus Hughes Sep.15
    “Art Gemini Awards”, Longlist, Oct.15
    “ING Discerning Eyes” Nov 14, Nov.15
    “Deptford X Festival 2014” Sep 14
    “ Neo 2014 Print prize” Aug 14
    “ Royal Academy Summer Exhbition 2014” Jun 14
    “ A Proposal of Belonging” at Street Road Project Space, USA, Nov.13
    “ At the Still Point” at Kestle Barton, Sep.13
    “Anonymous “ Berlin/Leipzig, April 13
    “Bainbridge Open” May 13
    “London Group Open” London, May 13
    “Thread Needle Prize”, London, Sep.12
    “BEEP” Elysium Gallery, Wales, July 12
    “Compass”, Street Road, USA, May 12
    “ Print and Design Now”, Bear Space, London, Jan 12
    “ING Discerning Eye, London, Nov.11
    “ In Abundance” Kestle Barton, Aug 11
    “ING Discerning Eye, London, Nov.10
    “With/ Drawn”, Contemporary International Juried Drawing Exhbition, Budapest, Sept 10 “Line of Desire”, Oriel Davies, Aug.10
    “After the End, Elysium Gallery, Swansea, May 10
    “Print Now at London Art Fair, Jan 10
    “ING Discerning Eye, The Mall Galleries, London, Nov 09
    Pigment and Pulp, Tank, London, Oct. 09
    Personally Political, The Art House Tacheles, Berlin Mitte, July 09
    Travelling Light, WW Gallery, Hackney, London [May 09] & Venice 53rd Biennale - Collateral Events - [June 09]
    Open 08, Art Sway, U.K.
    The Working Relationship Project, Ithaca, N. Y. Nov. 08
    The Great Purpose, Environmental Centre, Mile End, London, Oct 08
    Tava Vivant, Tokyo, Sept, 08
    Beneath the Surface, Women's Work 2008, Artlink,Hull,
    Life is only half the story, Christ Church Spital field, London, Feb 08
    Rare, Artworks MK, Milton Keyns,07
    Kafka International ltd, University of East London, London, 07
    ISOBAR, drawing exhbition, Fieldgate Gallery, London, Nov 07
    Collision Festival, Area 10, London,Aug 07
    Vivid, Departure, London, July 07
    Christ Church Spital Fields Project, London, 07
    Regeneration Exhibition, County Hall, London in support of Cancer Reasrach,06
    Pulp Fantasy, 20/21 Art Centre, North Lincolnshire 05
    B&A Exhibition, Yokohama, Japan, 05
    Passion Fitzrovia, St. Charles Borromeo, London, 04
    Don’t look Down, Nunnery, Bow arts Trust, London / The Saito Museum of Art, Tokyo, 03
    Mitaka City Arts Foundation, Tokyo, 2000
    Hornton Place Gallery, London,’99
    Kobayashi Gallery, Tokyo, 98/97
    Orleans House, London / Leighton House, London, ‘96
    Bonnington Gallery, Nottingham / Anna Bornholt Gallery, London
    Touring Show “working with paper”,Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery,Watermans Art Centre ‘95 Kunstverein, Leipzig / Morley Gallery, London, ‘92
    Touring Show “spiritual Dimension”,UK Touring exhibition,’89
    Galery Humanite Tokyo/ Tama Art Unviversity / Shibuya SeedHall, / Miyagi Museum, ‘86
    Takebashi Science and Technology Museum, Tokyo / Muramatsu Gallery, Tokyo, ‘85
    Kanagawa Prefectural Citizens’s Hall / G-Art Gallery, Tokyo/Kanno Art Gallery, Yokohama, ‘84
  • Awards
    Winner of Aqua Zero Award 2012
    Winner of Contemporary International Juried Drawing competition, Drawing Room, Hungary, 2010 Second Place at British Women Artist 2010 Award
    Sir Halley Stewart Trust Research Award
    The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation Award
    British Council Travel Award
    University of Hertfordshire, Research Award
    Tokyo University of Art & Design, research Award for “ Papermaking Methodology”
  • Publications
    “ Utopian Promise of Post-Tohoku” by Adrian Favel 2014
    “ Women of the world”, Saviour there by Jai
    “Artist Talking- exposing contemporary visual artists practices” The artist information company, 2009 “The great purpose” exhibition catalogue, article by Sian Harris, 2008
    “ ISOBAR”, exhibition catalogue, article by Gaia Persico and Angela Kingston
    " Imagine" by Steve Turner, translated into Japanese by Kaori Homma, 2005
    “Passion" exhibition catalogue, article by Nigel Halliday, 2004,
    “ Don’t Look Down” article by Yoshitaka Mori, 2003
    “ Emerging Image” exhibition catalogue, 2000
    "Kaori Homma", by Steven Adams, exhibition catalogue,1997 ISBN 1-8985-43-283
    “ Kaori Homma” exhibition review by Andrew Lindsay, Art Asia Pacific, issue no16, 1997
    “ Homma/ Rossi”, by Robert Clark, The Gardian,1992
    “Responses”, article by Sue Hubbard, Time Out Magazine,1991
    “Kaori Homma” article by Rose Jennings, Time Out Magazine,1990
    “ A Spiritual Dimension” by Robin Stemp, 1990
    And many other publications in Japanese
  • Education
    Chelsea School of Art, MA in Sculpture
    Oxford Polytechnic, Higher Diploma in Art and Design
    Tokyo University of Art & Design, Postgraduate study in Paper Making Tokyo University of Art & Design, Degree in Fine Art Print Making