HEO+3 Ex Voto Violence and Healing Artists Statements 5-8

Images from left: Edori Fertig, Helen Adie.

Written by Claire Dorey

In the next four posts we will look at the individual art and statements from the artists taking part in Ex Voto Violence in Healing and the individual ways that the artists interpreted the brief. Artists work is displayed in alphabetical order. The following artists are looking at unrequited love, the tragedy of losing a family member and mental and physical disorder via a flailing dance

Ex Voto Violence and Healing, curated by Claire Dorey, Selena Steele, Maria Beddoes and Jackie Crawford was the second exhibition in the HEO trilogy of exhibitions, following on from Silence Is Over. It was shown at Upstairs at The Ritzy, for two weeks in April 2019.

The exhibtion was in collaboration with consultant psychotherapist John Adlam and Professor Wayne Martin with reference to the book Violent States and Creative States (2018) and in suppport of the important role that Ex Voto can play in Existentail Therapeutic Work via the themes of trauma, spirituality and gratitude, as exploerd in Chapter 16 of Volume 2 of the book. For more information on Violent States and Creative States and on Ex Voto do refer to previous posts if you haven’t already seen them.

From Left: Henrietta Mac Phee, Ilinca Cantacuzino.

Edori Fertig – Self Portrait with Teddy After Frida Kahlo, Acrylic gouache on paper, 43x33cm, £295, edorifertig.com
I became obsessed with Frida Kahlo in my early twenties after my mother’s tragic death. The transformative power of art is evident in Kahlo’s work and this is a personal tribute.

Helen Adie – ‘Um watches the Flail Dance of Hindrance’, Etching and monoprint, 30x42cm, £200, southlondonwomenartists/helenadie, @helen_adie.
A dancer expresses mental and physical disorder in a spinning, flailing display. Um is both witness and guardian angel who allows for some distance form the inner strife, and thus some relief.

Henrietta Mac Phee – ‘a love story’, glazed ceramic ,16x27cm, £150, henriettamacphee.com
This ex voto was to made expel the painful experiences of unrequited and wrong love in order to make room for a dream of true love and family happiness, prevailing under the protection of its ancient goddess Aphrodite.

Ilinca Cantacuzino – The Cloister Within, mixed media on recycled cardboard, 29x42cm, £760, ilincacantacuzino.tumblr.com,@ ilinca_cantacuzino
Exploring the legacy of loss my grandparents lived with, one – a refugee here in 1939, the other imprisoned in Romania, through a union of their paper fragments catharsis is possible.