As the 4th exhibition of work by SLWA at Dulwich Library approaches we are pleased to announce our distinguished selection panel, Mella Shaw, Maria Chevska and Emily Druiff who will also curate the show.


South London Women Artists (SLWA) have developed an education programme for local primary schools as part of their regular exhibition at Dulwich Library which runs from 31 October to 27 November 2010.
During November, Year 5 school children from St Anthony’s and other local Primary Schools will visit the library and make their own artwork inspired by what they see in the exhibition. A team of SLWA artists will engage with the pupils to introduce them to the work of women artists past and present and help the children to create their own pictures. Some of the work produced in these sessions will be on display in the library during the exhibition.

Thanks to SLWA's Kim Thornton for documenting this big moment in SLWA's history.For ALL Kim Thornton's images of the Bankside submission day go to our flickr pages here>
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I'm one of the group of SLWA artists, and on 1st May 2010 I did a tour of our first large exhibition, held at Bankside. Lots of people came to the tour, but some people who couldn't attend asked if I would put the text online, so here goes!

Bankside is beautifully situated right on the South Bank of the Thames, just east of Blackfriars Bridge. It's home to the Royal Watercolour Society, the oldest Watercolour Society in the world, and to the Society of Painter-Printmakers. Its goal is to present works of art on paper produced by both groups, and it hosts many other exhibitions. The SLWA exhibition ran from 28 April to 3 May 2010.

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