The SLWArtists Team

The team who are taking SLWA forward building on the last 10 successful years.

Laura Moreton Griffiths

Laura is a London-based histories painter. She curates, teaches, writes and programmes artist talks.

Laura Moreton-Griffiths
Acting Chair
julie bennett

Julie Bennett is a painter, graphic designer, influencer and music fan.

Julie Bennett
SLWA Design
jennie merrell

Jennie is a South London artist and print maker.

Jennifer Merrell
Treasurer & Membership
Chrissy Thirlaway

Chrissy is an artist who uses the human form to examine the tensions between light and colour, culture and emotion.

Chrissy Thirlaway
Acting Secretary
The SLWArtists Steering Committee

The Organisation’s ‘advisory board’ is called The Steering Group. It guides the Organisation’s decision-making processes, conduct and helps administer the Organisation’s affairs, activities and general conduct.

If you would like to join our active Steering Committee please get in touch with SLWA.

SLWA Steering Group Members (2008-2018)
Daphna Alon | Anna Arianova | Lucy Bainbridge | Maria Beddoes | Julie Bennett | Kate Bowe | Gabrielle Bradshaw | Jackie Brown | Melissa Budasz | Ilinca Cantacuzino | Liz Charsley | Bula Chakravarty-Agbo | Pat Cove | Carol Cooper | Léonie Cronin | Karin Dahlbacka | Liz Dalton | Reema Dreaming | Linda Duffy | Lucy Duke | Gin Dunscombe | Jude Evans | Pia Goddard | Jane Higginbottom | Moira Jarvis | Joan Kendall | Pat Keay | Beata Kozlowska | Valerie Lambert | Christine Landreth | Tamar Lev-On | Anne Lynch | Yoke Matze | Jenny Merrell | Paola Minekov | Laura Moreton-Griffiths | Dilek O’Keefe | Lesley O’Mara | Marnie Pitts | Kate Redfern | Suzanne Rees | Glanister Chrissy Silver | Selena Steele | Lucy Soni | Jenny Sweeney | Chrissy Thirlaway | Kim Thornton | Janet Tod | Erica Tuttle | Eithne Twomey | Caroline Underwood | Patsy Whiting | Sarah Willett | Susan Wood

Current members

You can view our current members by going to the Artist Members.